Introducing: Crist (the Southern Belle)

I actually kind of hate when women call themselves Southern Belles, as I don’t think that’s a title you can bestow upon yourself, but Dorothy came up with our blog name and tagline and we just liked it too much to change it. So here we are.

All that said, I am about as Southern as they come and have only recently learned that what I assumed was The Way Everyone Lived is not quite so. We say and eat and do things differently down here, and I am exceptionally proud of my region and state. Southern cooking has become quite popular nationally, but my mother and grandmothers and all those before them have been cooking this “new” way for years. I am excited to share a little bit of the Deep South with you.

Yes, I own a deep fryer – though, to Matt’s dismay, we do not use it very often. I use my grandmother’s rolling pin and bundt cake pans, and I occasionally use a cast iron skillet. Pimento cheese is a staple in the fridge, and I always have grits in the freezer, along with vegetables my Mammy put up two summers ago. My pantry is stocked with jams and relishes made from my grandfather’s prior harvests, and I truly believe that red pepper jelly over cream cheese with Ritz crackers is one of the best appetizers of all time.

I hope you can forgive my lack of decorum and an absence of any formal introductory post. It’s taking me awhile to get my blogging mojo back – Tina and I have been sitting on this blogging idea for 6 months now, and it was just this past weekend that we decided FULL STEAM AHEAD! (or, I decided that and Tina humored me… as she is wont to do. It takes a lot of humor and patience to be my friend, what can I say.)

I am a recipe-follower and, unlike Tina, cannot just throw a bunch of stuff together to make a presentable supper. I’m getting better at improvising and altering recipes but I am far from free-handing most things. My early years of cooking were full of epic failures and a few successes, but I have come a very long way. Cooking, on most days, is a good way for me to unwind after a work day, and I love spending Sunday afternoons making a time-consuming dish for supper.

So humor us — we are well aware of the fact this world needs another food blog about as much as I need another hole in my head — and we promise we’ll try our best to entertain you. If we fail, well, at least we’re entertaining ourselves.


8 thoughts on “Introducing: Crist (the Southern Belle)

  1. So happy to see this new blog and love that my two favorite recipe providers will be sharing their wisdom with others! I also feel like I’m an honorary Southern Belle given that I agreed with a number of things in this post (i.e. recently became ADDICTED to hatch chile jam over cream cheese).

    Also, my husband has been BEGGING me for a deep fryer….would appreciate any suggestions on the topic since his birthday is in two days. 🙂

    • i know for a fact that crist received a “cool daddy” for a bridal shower gift. i know this because i thought it was the coolest (insert obvious joke here) thing i’d ever seen.

  2. OMGwyneth, the blog name and the comment quip – pure genius. Does Dorothy hire out?

    Crist, I’m with you – I may be a Yankee, but I believe in grits, pimento cheese, and following recipes (with apologies to Tina – I’m not good enough yet to freestyle). Looking forward to what you two come up with here.

    • YES I DO. the only catch is that apparently you have to be my friend for about 2 years (or in crist’s case…7?) before I can come up with anything good. i think i need to work on my turnaround time.

  3. “I truly believe that red pepper jelly over cream cheese with Ritz crackers is one of the best appetizers of all time.” Are there people who don’t???? YUM!

    Lovin’ the blog! 🙂

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