You Need This: Flat Whisk

I totally should have posted this “You Need This” installment before I posted my last recipe, with the delightful pan sauce… but, alas, I am not that smart. So here we are.

You know how, sometimes, you’re making a sauce, or a gravy, or deglazing a pan, or whatever – and you just feel like your whisk is being TOTALLY ineffective? Because, like, 1/20th of the whisk is actually making contact with the pan itself? So you’re having to pull some contortionist-style moves to get the whisk to cover more ground, and pick up all the yummy stuff at the bottom of the pan? (Yes, I AM rather talented at turning a very benign kitchen annoyance into an earth-shattering event, thank you for noticing)!

I introduce to you… THE FLAT WHISK. This thing is AWESOME for bringing together (and smoothing the lumps out of) sauces and gravies and the like – when the liquid you’re whisking is not really deep enough for a standard whisk to be effective.

Now just imagine – you’re in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year. You’re doing your best to make a lovely, rich gravy for the turkey that you painstakingly basted in the oven for hours on end… and you place the roasting pan on the stovetop, and start trying to deglaze it with some chicken stock, only to find that you just can’t! get! any of those lovely, crispy, turkey bits up with your stupid regular whisk!

Guess you’d better invest in a flat whisk before you ruin Thanksgiving with your lumpy, flavorless gravy again.



*Photo borrowed from here.


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