Toffee Apple Dip

First, I would like to thank Crist for picking up the slack in my absence. What started as a conversation with my husband about POSSIBLY replacing our kitchen counters a couple weeks ago has rapidly exploded into a decent-sized kitchen remodel that is consuming my life.  You see, both my parents and my in-laws were asking for Christmas gift ideas, and seeing as how neither my husband or I could come up with something we’d really love – we just offered up the option of possibly contributing a bit to some home renovations, and they thought it was a great idea! So, we decided to replace our unattractive formica countertops with granite… and then realized that while we temporarily had no countertops, it would be pretty practical to add a dishwasher at the same time – both for our own sanity, and for resale purposes wayyyy down the road. I mean, how many episodes of House Hunters have you seen where the potential buyers recoil in HORROR upon realizing the kitchen has no dishwasher??

Granite! That's coming to live with me!

At any rate, while we were still marinating on the possibility of adding a dishwasher – the granite company called yesterday to ask if I’d like to have our counters installed on Tuesday, November 29. As in, 6 days from now. Two weeks ahead of schedule. Oooookay. Which meant that I had 7 days to: decide if we wanted to install a dishwasher. If so, research and purchase said dishwasher. Have dishwasher delivered. Drive up to the granite place to finalize the placement of our template on the granite slab. Remove and dispose of old countertops. Remove the cabinet that lives where the dishwasher will go. Run plumbing for dishwasher. Install dishwasher. Rearrange my whole kitchen to accommodate everything that lives in the cabinet that’s being removed. Remove everything from our lower cabinets in preparation for countertop installation. Cry.

Oh, and there’s a major holiday this weekend! Killer timing, Tina.

All this to say… my kitchen is kind of a hot mess right now. I have accomplished about half the items on the above list, including spending several hours last night frantically rearranging cabinets in my kitchen so that I could shift all the stuff that’s losing its home elsewhere (OF COURSE, the cabinet that’s being replaced with the dishwasher is the one that holds all our large kitchen appliances – stand mixer, food processor, blender, toaster, etc etc). I’ve got to get to work emptying the cabinets, so every room in my house will likely be littered with kitchenware within a day or two. Needless to say, any contribution I’ll be making to a Thanksgiving meal will be quick, easy, and likely something that requires no cooking. My family likes to do lots of snacks on holidays, before the big meal – so today’s recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving.

A friend of mine pinned this Toffee Apple Dip on Pinterest, and then brought it to my house when we had some friends over a few weeks back… and it was GONE, in a matter of minutes. Of course, I then repinned the recipe, put it on the menu for the tailgate when I visited Crist a couple weeks ago, and discovered all over again how delicious it is. The best part? It is EASY.

Toffee Apple Dip
my pin here
original recipe here

8 ounces cream cheese, softened
¾ cup firmly packed brown sugar
½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
8 ounces Heath Bar bits
3 apples, sliced (Honeycrisp are great for this – if you can’t find those, try Fuji, or Pink Lady)

(We couldn’t find the Heath Bar bits WITH the chocolate at her grocery store – all we could find were the pieces that we just toffee. So, we replaced Heath Bar bits with toffee pieces and mini chocolate chips!)

1.) Put first 4 ingredients into a bowl. Mix well with a hand mixer (or a rubber spatula and strong forearms).

2.) Add Heat Bar bits to the mixture, and fold in with a spatula.

3.) Serve with apple slices. Try not to eat it all.

You can keep this in your fridge for at least 3 or 4 days, in an airtight container – so it’s perfect to make ahead for a party or other gathering.


Crist used her fancy camera to take this photo while we were tailgating.

We doubled this recipe, which was… overly ambitious. This recipe truly does make a LOT of dip – but it is REALLY good, so if you make 1 batch, you might be wishing you had made more. It would probably also be great spread on graham crackers (especially the cinnamon sugar ones), or with pretzels for dipping.




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