buttermilk biscuits. sort of.

Whew! We made it. I am delighted to have finally escaped the (wonderful, relaxing, enjoying) holiday season and get back into some semblance of a routine. I decided to kick New Years Day off with a bang and try something I’ve never attempted: biscuits.

(I will pause while you enjoy a good laugh and collect yourselves.)
I should have known I was in trouble when I pulled out my never-used food processor and its instruction manual, while my Pee Dee born and bred husband questioned why in the WORLD I needed a food processor to make biscuits. (IT SAYS SO HERE IN THE RECIPE.)

I soldiered on, and, y’all. I have some work to do on my biscuits.

Here’s the original recipe, and a lovely photo of what I expected to have for breakfast lunch on New Years Day. Fortunately my hockey pucks were quite tasty, and we salvaged a decent start on the day.

Important lesson learned:

    • While it looks intimidating, the food processor is actually quite simple to use. I might pull that sucker out more often.
    • (but not for biscuits.)

Happy new year!


6 thoughts on “buttermilk biscuits. sort of.

  1. Pull out your pastry cutter! Biscuits will be so light and fluffy. . .I also approve the use of crisco instead of butter. But don’t tell anyone.

  2. I use my food processor most for the grating disk (disc?). You can grate large quantities of cheese (helps to freeze the cheese for 15-30 minutes first) or shred carrots, etc. Love. I also use it for the blueberry scones recipe on Annie’s Eats too, to cut in the butter (probably similar to how it’s used in this recipe).

  3. I’ve owned a food processor for over 7 years…it is still in the box. Totally scares the heck out of me.

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