classic 14-layer cake. or, my greatest culinary achievement thus far.

I’ve put off writing about my epic cooking acheivement because I was not sure I could do it justice. Quite frankly, I’m still not sure I can, but I’m certainly going to try. See, Matt’s favorite cake in all the world is a multi-layer cake with chocolate icing. The problem is that they are so labor-intensive that they are almost impossible to find at a traditional bakery. I’ve seen Caroline’s Cakes at the Holiday Market, and their cakes are very tasty but at 7-layers, I knew it just wouldn’t stack up. The boy would want more layers than that.

I came across Bakerella’s 14-layer experiment over a year ago and bookmarked it, thinking that I might try it on a whim one day (knowing full well I would never actually do it). But as my baking abilities continued to improve, so did my confidence. I got it into my head that there was no better way to ring in Matt’s 30th than with this impressive cake. Besides, when using 14 disposable pans and not having to worry about cutting the layers, WHY NOT try it?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as a tick. I wanted it to be perfect – to not only look delicious but taste delicious. And it was.

I did follow Bakerella’s advice, and coat the whole cake with a chocolate buttercream. Mammy points out that this is not in line with a traditional Southern Layer Cake, but both Matt and I thought it was a perfect addition.

Look at these layers! I still cannot believe I actually made this.


This cake was not winning any beauty contests in terms of icing techniques or baking skills  – I really have none. But we didn’t care.


The day Matt served the final piece of cake, we had to have a moment of silence. My labor of love was so well-received, and it was worth all of the effort. Try it one day! I bet your family will want you to make this cake for every occasion.


My dad’s already requested one for his birthday,


6 thoughts on “classic 14-layer cake. or, my greatest culinary achievement thus far.

  1. Proud of your cooking skills, you are getting to be the “Betty Crocker” in the family..Mammy

  2. Your newly-honed baking skills just bring a tear to my eye! I’m so proud of you!

    Also, this means that you should be sending me shipments of treats more often, so… get on that, okay?

  3. Since you’ll already be making one for John on the 27th, I suspect that doubling the recipe will not be that much more difficult? GREAT!

  4. Holy Goodness I am making this cake this weekend! My great great aunt Margie used to make my granddaddy a 12 layer cake every year for his birthday that looked just like this. I’m going to make this cake for him. He’s going to be so excited when he cuts into it!

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