beer bratwurst and onions.

I was thinking earlier that I was sorry that I did not get this recipe posted in advance of St. Patrick’s Day… until I realized that brats are not Irish. They are German. So. Welcome to my mind. Ooh shoes!

Anyway. This is the way my mom taught me to make bratwurst  and I honestly don’t know where she picked it up from. If you google beer bratwurst, they are a million variations on this and I would venture to say there’s no serious, stick-to-it recipe. Do what works for you, m’kay?

Beer Bratwurst and Onions

1 package Johnsonville Bratwurst
1 onion, sliced
dab of butter
1 dark beer
1-2 tbsp brown sugar
Your choice of hot dog buns
Spicy mustard

Preheat the grill.

Grill bratwurst until they are done, around 20 minutes. While they are cooking, melt butter in a good-size pot. Add onions and saute until they start to get soft. Add in brown sugar (use a little more if you’ve chopped a lot of onion, a little less if your onion is smaller) and stir to combine. Add cooked bratwurst. Pour in your beer of choice, and bring to a simmer.

Allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes, or until you are ready to eat.

Fill bun with brat, top with some mustard and then the onions.

My Notes:

  • You want the uncooked bratwurst. and you want them to be Johnsonville. I don’t know why, you just do. Sometimes these are hard to find, but check the freezer section if you can’t locate them. If you buy mid-day, they’ll be thawed by supper.
  • We like onions on our bratwurst, so I usually buy one of the Onions on Steroids for this. Or you could cut up a couple smaller onions. You just don’t want to have to skimp on the onions, is that I’m saying. They get all gooey and delicious, and they are perfect on the bratwurst with some spicy mustard.
  • I stupidly picked up whole wheat buns for this meal because… I was trying to save calories? I suppose? Don’t do that. There is no calorie-saving here.
  • Use a flavorful beer. This is not the time to go with a Coors Light.

Have you ever tried to categorize bratwurst for a blog post? Because it’s harder than one might imagine. We’ll go with pork.

Clearly, I need a vacation.


4 thoughts on “beer bratwurst and onions.

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  2. I laughed through this entire post, so for that reason, I will be making this. Thank you, my husband requested these for dinner this evening. I know this post is years old but I found this through searching “beer brats” and going to google images. Loves it.

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