white cheddar pimento cheese. and delicious ideas for it.

Y’all want to know what I did this past weekend?
I bought a large-ish seedless red watermelon and I cut it up using some hairbrained idea I saw on pinterest. Am I the only one who never thought of cutting the rind off first and then dicing up the melon? Someone tell me I’m not.

this blog not sponsored by target. yet.

It was so much EASIER!

Anyway. Something else I did this past weekend was make my own pimento cheese. I rarely, if ever, make my own pimento cheese. For one, I hate grating cheese, as much as I espouse the virtues of grating your own cheese.  That’s what a husband is for, y’all. He is a natural sous chef. For another, I have a perfectly good pimento cheese I can buy in the grocery store — and, perhaps more importantly, export to the Mitten when I travel. (If you ever find yourself in Publix buying 12 tubs of Palmetto Cheese, please expect some questioning from the cashier. Do not tell them you’re travelling to visit your internet friend, but do tell them Michiganders have never heard of pimento cheese. No one here believes me.)

I wanted to make some out-of-the-ordinary hamburgers, and so I opted for fancy buns, pepper bacon, and homemade pimento cheese. And the heavens opened and the angels sang. Matt and I decided that they were the best hamburgers we’d ever made.

White Cheddar Pimento Cheese

3 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
8 oz. block of Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese, shredded
1/2 c. mayonnaise (don’t even pretend another mayo exists. Use Duke’s.)
half a jar of chopped pimentos
ground red pepper
salt and pepper

Combine cream cheese and shredded cheddar. Add in mayonnaise until all combined. Stir in pimentos, and season with red pepper, pepper and salt.

Now, listen here. Be loose with the seasonings, and the mayo. I used a little less mayo because I was putting the pimento cheese on hamburgers and I wanted it to be a little thicker. When we made sandwiches the next day, we added some mayo and mixed it up. It totally depends on whether you want your pimento cheese to be gloopy, or thick. Also, go heavier on the ground red pepper than you think you should. Pimento cheese should have a bite to it — or at least in my opinion. I seasoned and tasted, seasoned and tasted, until I got it the way I wanted it.

The next night, I planned to make Tina’s fried green tomatoes because I’d gotten 4 in my Brown Box Saturday. I got to fixin’ the tomatoes, and Matt said, “what if we used your pimento cheese instead of the goat cheese?” And I realized in that moment that I had indeed married a genius of a man.


also would work for a meatless monday meal.

Make them tonight, as you get ready to pull for the Gamecocks to beat Kent State. We have to win this game, ok?

I feel sorry for those with no pimento cheese in their lives,


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