Pluot and Ginger Galette

Have you ever heard of a pluot? I remember first seeing them in my grocery store probably 5 or 6 years ago – maybe longer, but my brain is getting old and feeble, so it’s hard to really say. Anyways, there are several different varieties of pluots, but they are all hybrids of plums and apricots (and they sometimes have different names, depending on what percentage they are of each fruit – plumcots, apriums, etc). My personal favorite variety seems to be fairly easy to find, and is called the “Dapple Dandy”, or “Dinosaur Egg”. It’s kind of large, for a plum, and it’s skin is kind of a light yellow-ish, speckled with red spots, and the flesh is a bright, beautiful pinkish-red. They have the texture of a plum, and are as sweet as candy. I always get so excited when I see them finally pop up in the grocery store!

Now that I’ve given you far too much information about pluots, let me tell you about a little dessert I made with them. I was strolling through Sam’s Club a few weeks back, and I found a big package of beautiful pluots, and I couldn’t resist buying them. Knowing I likely wouldn’t be able to get through 10 pluots before they went bad, I knew I needed to do something fun to use them up. For some reason, the idea of a galette popped into my head. In case you are unfamiliar, a galette is basically just a single crust, rustic tart – a cousin to the more-structured, 2-crust pie. I knew the color of the pluots would be absolutely beautiful in the center of the galette, and their sweetness would require very little accompaniment to make a delicious dessert.

Now, in a move fairly uncharacteristic for me, I decided to use a pre-made pie crust for my galette. I tend to be fairly obnoxious about making my baked goods and their components from scratch… but, in this instance, I wanted to make a dessert that was quick and easy to throw together, without dirtying up 5 bowls and half the kitchen. And thus, pre-made pie crust was the answer.

Pluot and Ginger Galette
Serves 6

1 pre-made pie crust (not the kind already formed into a pan)
1/4 c apricot preserves
4 large pluots (or plums)
3 T brown sugar
1 t ground ginger
pinch of salt
1-2 T heavy cream
turbinado sugar, for sprinkling

1.) Preheat your oven to 400°. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper or a silpat liner (don’t skip this step… trust me).

2.) Lay your pie crust in the middle of the baking sheet. Spread the apricot preserves over the crust, in a thin layer, leaving about a 1″ border around the edge of the crust.

3.) Slice your pluots. I like to use a small knife to cut all the way around the pit, twist the two sides apart, and then cut each side into 4-5 equal slices. In a small bowl, toss the pluots with the brown sugar, ground ginger, and salt, until everything is well combined.

4.) Arrange your pluots over the apricot preserves. You can just heap them all on there, or you can take a few extra minutes and try to arrange them with the skin facing the outside of the tart, so that they look pretty and kind of flower-like. The tart will be delicious either way! Make sure you leave a 1″ border all the way around the pluot slices.

5.) Once all your fruit is arranged, start folding the edges of the pie crust over the pluots. Simply fold in one section at a time, overlapping as you go, and gently pressing the folds together, so they stick.

6.) Brush the edges of the crust with the heavy cream, and then sprinkle the turbinado sugar over the top of the cream. This will help the crust get nice and brown, and also give it a little crunch!

7.) Bake for about 25 minutes, until the juices in the galette are bubbling, and the crust is a nice golden brown. Let the galette sit for about 10 minutes before cutting. Serve warm, topped with some vanilla ice cream!

This dessert is perfectly simple and delicious. The highlight is the wonderful, sweet summer fruit,  the ginger gives just a slight spice and heat to it all, and the crunchy crust is a perfect companion to the soft, juicy fruit! Best of all, this dessert takes less than 5 minutes of prep; so, you can throw it together at the last minute if you have company coming over, or you’re heading to a last minute gathering, and need something to bring along!

Don’t tell anyone I used a pre-made pie crust, okay?


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