I’m Going On A Little Trip…

In case we haven’t mentioned it recently – I am headed to South Carolina to visit Crist this week! Tomorrow, in fact. I am pretty excited to enjoy one last weekend of warm weather (our overnight temps in the Mitten are starting to dip into the 30s… I think that means summer has officially made its exit), eat some fried green tomatoes, and spend some quality time with my favorite Southern belles! It should be a lovely, fun, and relaxing weekend, and I can’t wait!

However, in my absence… my husband still needs to eat. And since he’s not a big fan of cooking (in general, frying an egg is as far as he’ll voluntarily take his culinary skills), I like to try and leave plenty of food for him when I go out of town. My goal this week was to cook up some delicious dinners, that would also provide us with plenty of leftovers – that way, I can be fairly certain that my husband will have at least one meal a day that does NOT consist of cereal.

A quick run through my archives here on the blog, and I had a great menu planned to feed us this week, and to keep my husband from starving this weekend. Here’s what I’m leaving him:

Honey Chipotle Turkey Meatballs
These are one of our FAVORITE dishes. The flavors are insanely delicious, they’re easy to make, and they still taste fantastic heated up as leftovers. We like to make open-faced meatball subs out of these, so I’ll leave him a baguette, and some brief instructions on how to broil some cheese on top without burning the meatballs to a crisp.

Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna
As far as lasagnas go, this one is pretty quick to make – not too cumbersome for a weeknight. The spinach and artichokes keep the filling super light and fresh, and the flavors just get better and better as it sits in the fridge. This one will give us dinner tonight, and at least 3 or 4 meals worth of leftovers!

So many layers of deliciousness!

Barbecue Chicken Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing
This one is easy – all I have to do is grill up some chicken, dice it and toss it with barbecue sauce, pre-chop some vegetables and romaine, and mix up a batch of the dressing. That way, it’s all sitting in the fridge, just waiting to be thrown into a bowl and devoured!

Oktoberfest Chili
With our weather taking a turn, and lots of chilly, drizzly days up ahead, I LOVE to have a big batch of chili sitting in the fridge. It takes no time to throw together, makes the house smell amazing as it simmers on the stove, and can be heated up in minutes! (Here’s hoping there is some chili left for me when I return home on Monday!)

Oatmeal Heath Bar Cookies
If I have the time before I head to the airport, I’ll also whip up a batch of these cookies. They are chewy, and moist, and full of buttery toffee bits… come to think of it, I will probably need to smuggle a few out of the house in my carry-on. A girl needs plane snacks, you know??

Well, let’s hope that all that can keep my husband fed for a long weekend! I hate to think of him staring, wide-eyed into the (packed full) fridge, and declaring that there’s nothing to eat.

South Carolina, here I come!

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