It was my intention to get this post up earlier in the day, but I completely forgot. And so, you may have to just save this idea for a rainy day, or your next midday tailgate. Or what about Thanksgiving morning? That would probably work too.

Sometimes you want something a little different than your plain old boring mimosa with brunch, you know? Enter the Manmosa, which is pretty much the best way to drink a mimosa that I’ve ever found. I made them for our inaugural girls beach trip this past spring, and they were such a hit that they’ve carried over to noon tailgates, in addition to beach sitting. But take our lesson learned: champagne always goes in the cup (or pitcher, if making a batch) first. If not, you will have a big ole foamy mess.

adapted from Cock ‘n Bull Pub

equal parts bubbly and Hoegaarden
splash of orange juice

Pour bubbly first, add Hoegaarden and top with a splash of orange juice.

As is the case with any champagne cocktail, don’t use your finest bubbly for this.


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