Ginger Blood Orange Vodka Soda

During Crist’s recent visit, I introduced her to my current favorite cocktail (full disclosure: we typically enjoy many, many fancy cocktails during our visits to one another). In my old age, I’ve discovered that beer and wine have a tendency to make me kind of sick, if consumed in any quantity greater than 1 or 2, so my formerly non-liquor-drinking self has been on a mission to find other cocktails that don’t make me feel ill, and taste delicious. As you might expect, I approach cocktail making in the same way I approach cooking – what interesting flavor combinations can I make? No boring vodka and sodas for me!

Here is my most recent concoction – inspired by a six-pack of blood orange San Pellegrino that I felt compelled to bring home with me at the grocery store a few weeks ago.

Ginger Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Ginger Blood Orange Vodka Soda
makes one cocktail

lots of ice
2 parts vodka of choice
1 part ginger simple syrup*
2 parts blood orange soda (I like San Pellegrino, but you can also find large bottles of blood orange soda at places like Trader Joe’s)
2-inch piece of lemon rind (just the yellow part, not the white) (optional)

*To make the ginger simple syrup: combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a small sauce pan. Grate a 2-inch piece of ginger into the pan, and place over medium heat. Bring the mixture to a bubble, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved (watch the mixture carefully; it WILL boil over, and your stove top with be a sticky, disgusting mess. I speak from experience). Once all the sugar is dissolved, let the mixture cool slightly, and then pour through a fine mesh strainer into a heat proof bowl or other container. Cover tightly, and refrigerate. Lasts 1 week in the fridge.

Fill a cocktail glass almost all the way with ice (don’t skimp on the ice, for real). Pour 2 parts vodka into the glass, then 1 part ginger syrup (chilled), and finally 2 parts blood orange soda. Give the whole thing a quick stir, and tuck your lemon twist in between some of the ice cubes (you don’t have to use the lemon twist – I just used a vegetable peeler to peel a nice, big section of rind off the fruit – but I think it gives the drink a nice freshness). Enjoy!

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