Maple Candied Bacon

Do you guys ever make your bacon in the oven? If you don’t, you should give it a shot. For one thing, it frees up space on your stove for the other parts of your breakfast or brunch – and for another, it eliminates the (messy) pain of being assaulted by grease splattering! I honestly can’t remember the last time I cooked bacon on the stovetop – the oven method is just so much better!

Candied bacon - accompanied by buttermilk pancakes, and strawberry butter!

Candied bacon – accompanied by buttermilk pancakes, and strawberry butter!

While I’m sharing with you the very simple method of oven-cooked bacon, I figured I’d also show you how to dress your bacon up – as if bacon needs any help, right? But, if you’re ever feeling extra fancy (you’re having guests for brunch, or you just want some exceptionally tasty bacon), you can take an extra 30 seconds to CANDY your bacon with a little maple syrup and brown sugar. It’s still quick and easy, it adds a nice sweet edge to the salty, smokiness of the bacon, and it’s impressive!

Maple Candied Bacon
makes 8 slices (serving sizes vary, obviously)

8 slices bacon
1 T good maple syrup
1 T brown sugar

1.) Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil (I know I am forever telling you to line your baking sheets with foil – but DO NOT skip it for bacon-making!). Once the foil is secure, place a cooling/baking rack on to the sheet.

2.) Lay your bacon out on the baking rack, evenly spaced and in a single layer. Place the baking sheet into a COLD oven, and turn the oven on to 375°. Starting it in a cold oven prevents the bacon from being shocked, moving from room temperature to a HOT oven – that shock is what causes it to curl up and shrink a bunch, which no one wants.

3.) Once the oven hits 375°, give the bacon about 10 minutes of cooking – then pull it out, flip the slices, and brush lightly with the maple syrup. Add a very small sprinkle of brown sugar to each slice as well, and return the sheet to the oven.

Maple Candied Bacon

4.) Continue baking for another 10 minutes or so, until the bacon is nice and evenly crisp!

5.) Make sure to remove the bacon from the baking rack within a minute or so of taking it out of the oven (use a fork, or some tongs – it’ll be hot!). If you wait too long to take it off the rack, the sugar and syrup will harden, and your bacon will have to be yanked off in pieces – still delicious, but not very pretty!

Maple Candied Bacon

I can only handle a sweet breakfast every once in a great while – but some Sundays just call for a stack of fluffy pancakes, some delicious fruit butter, and candied bacon. A big, luxurious brunch is a nice way to ease yourself back into the reality that in a few short hours… it’ll be Monday again. SIGH.

(Obviously, you don’t HAVE to candy the bacon – you can just flip the slices at the 10 minute mark, and let them continue cooking, sans sugary deliciousness.)

Bacon is its own food group, right?


7 thoughts on “Maple Candied Bacon

  1. I may or may not have gained weight since I started reading this blog! 🙂 This recipe will not help matters.

  2. I want to make this, I really do… it’s just that, I have an addictive personality (not in real life, but for the purpose of this joke), and well, I’m frightened that I may never stop eating this bacon…

    bemused in plymouth

    • Just make sure there is no more than 1 pound of bacon in the house – that feels like a good stopping point.

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